Natalia Fernández
Travel Consultant

With an itinerant life between the city and the countryside , and as the daughter of founder and co-owner Roberto Fernandez, Natalia was born and raised in Turrialba one of Costa Rica´s most adventurous and scenic towns . During her college years she worked for Aventuras Naturales where she gain experience and knowledge and having recently acquired a degree in Business administration have proven to be just the right ingredients for success.

Although with a limited experience in the field and being the youngest and newest addition to the Aventuras team, Natalia has quickly proven to be an invaluable asset due to her great interpersonal abilities, problem solving capabilities and utter dedication to her job.

On her spare time, Natalia is known to be a fitness junkie and enjoys running, Pilates and functional training.




October 28th, 2013


I apologize for my delay, but I want to thank you ever so much for arranging our wonderful honeymoon trip to Costa Rica. The Pacuare Lodge was too wonderful for words! The rafting was the best I've done and I have rafted many rivers in the southeast US. The lodge was beautiful and romantic. The food was unbelievable. And I have never been treated like royalty like the staff at Pacuare treated us. We hope we can re-visit someday.

The Arenal Nayara was also fantastic, and it was a nice place to relax a little there at the end of the tour. Tortuguero was very interesting and we had a get guide. Saw lots of birds and monkeys. The only problem with that part of the trip was the heat, that made us wonder if we should have picked the air conditioned Manatus hotel instead of the Rawanda, but we have no regrets. The Grano de Oro and the Casa Tuirre were very nice also.

Overall, I don't think we could have had a better honeymoon. Thank you so very much!!! Sure hope we can visit Costa Rica again.

Everett Moore

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