Priscilla Murillo
Travel Consultant 

Prisci joined our reservations/operations team in November 2007. Apart from being a passionate runner, she loves going to the beach, traveling, and hanging out with her dog Toño. As our Sustainable Coordinator, she´s always with some social - environmental project in hands, and will try her best to keep the Pacuare River safe and well as it is. You can also find her at the lodge as the Resident Manager in shift, and as you can imagine she is very knowledgeable of the property, services and logistics.

Priscilla worked on the Costa Rican Tourism Chamber and also participated in the organization of tourism expositions in Costa Rica.




June 4, 2014

Hi Priscilla,
The trip was amazing!!! Thank you!! Ground transfers, lodges, meals-all top notch-exceeded my expectations. This trip ranks amongst the best that I’ve ever taken (even up there with Egypt and Thailand!). My family feels the same way. The nature and wildlife was beyond belief-I felt like I was in the Garden of Eden-(such a beautiful country). The Mawamba Lodge was the best choice for us in Tort, and I am so happy the Manatus Lodge glitch occurred. Our guide Steven at the Mawamba was incredible and we felt lucky to have had his knowledge about the wildlife and birds. The Pacuare Lodge was like a beautiful, candlelit dream, and we did so many exciting activities-food was to die for!! The River raft out was a highlight of the trip and our guides were the best. PV was a lovely ending of the trip, and the beach by the Shawandha was just perfect-fun town also for shopping. The French restaurant at the Shawandha was a wonderful surprise. I also want to mention how prompt and courteous your drivers were. The vehicles were in fantastic shape and comfortable-made the long drives very good. Anyway, muchas gracias for your fine planning.

Thanks again-Very kindly-
Celeste, Travel Odyssey
1401 333 0510


May 5, 2014

Hi Pricilla,

Just wanted to say thank you for making our trip to Costa Rica amazing. We had such a great time. The itinerary was perfect. The Pacuare lodge was beautiful and everyone we met was so nice, friendly, and helpful.

Thanks again for your help!
Shveta Trikha


March 18, 2014

Dear Priscilla: Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip to Costa
Rica. The trip was perfect and we had a fabulous time! The drivers (Jose
and Pedro ) were excellent and went out of their way to be helpful and show
us their country. The hotels were also great and we would love to go back
to them! I can highly recommend Monte Azul - the food was excellent too!
Tulemar was beautiful and very comfortable. The beach was great! You had
everything perfectly arranged and organized and we can't thank you enough!
Hope to be able to arrange another trip with you in the not too distant

Thank you again, Charlotte and Carolyn=


17 March, 2014

Hola Priscilla!

We are back to life at home, back to reality :( and back to the cold!

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in planning our Costa Rican
adventure! The whole family had a wonderful time! We love your country!!
We had such a great time that we in fact would really love to come back
again! And when we do, you'll be hearing from me again!
Thank you again for everything!




February 27th, 2014

Hi there! We just got back from Costa Rica on Sunday night and I wanted to send you a very BIG Thank you!!! we had the BEST time!! Everyone was so friendly and nice! The weather was awesome! The scenery was amazing!! I absolutely LOVE your country! We all did! I am so very jealous of where you get to live! ;)

Thank you again! I will definitely be referring the Pacuare Lodge and your services!! It was AWESOME!!!

Keely Black

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